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BPKH is an institution that manages Hajj Finance. Hajj financing are all the rights and obligations of the government that can be valued in the form of money, related to the implementation of the hajj pilgrimage and all assets in the form of money or goods, that can be valued in money as a result of its implementation. These rights and obligations, whether originating from the congregation or other legitimate sources. Hajj Financial Management is based on sharia principles, prudential principles, benefits, non-profit, transparency and accountability. Hajj Financial Management aims to improve the quality of Hajj rationality and efficiency with the use of BPIH and its benefits towards Muslims

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Kabah, Rumah Ibadah Pertama

IHRAM.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Bakkah (Makkah) merupakan rumah pertama yang didirikan sebagai... read more

Indonesia Masih Tunggu Pemberitahuan Resmi Saudi Soal Umroh

IHRAM.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Kepala Pusat Kesehatan Haji Budi Sylvana mengatakan, sampai... read more

Plang Masjid Indonesia di Los Angeles Telah Dipasang

IHRAM.CO.ID, LOS ANGELES -- Plang bertuliskan Masjid At-Thohir Los Angeles akhirnya... read more

Kementerian-lembaga Diharap Bahas Solusi Umroh

IHRAM.CO.ID,JAKARTA--Komnas Haji dan Umroh meminta pemerintah melalui Kementerian dan Lembaganya membahas... read more

Kemenag-Pemprov Bersinergi Gelar Vaksinasi di Wisma Haji

IHRAM.CO.ID,JAKARTA -- Kementerian Agama bekerja sama dengan Pemprov DKI Jakarta menggelar... read more

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